Music By The Roomful.

The perfect solution for music throughout your home.


Speakercraft has been helping people enjoy their home and make it uniquely theirs, by offering the finest in home audio speakers and components for the past thirty years. Take one look at our products, and it shows. Our motivation is the same as yours: we love music and movies. And we know that bringing the family together, while adding value to your home, can be some of the most enjoyable times of your life.




Hear the bass you’ve been missing and see what it means to actually feel the music with a SpeakerCraft subwoofer.

  • Passive In-Ceiling Subwoofer
  • Cinema Sub
  • Vital Series



Architectural Speakers

What better way to top off the finest architectural loudspeaker line in the world than with peace of mind.

  • In-Ceiling
  • In-Wall
  • Box Speakers



Outdoor Speakers

Listening in the backyard or around the pool is just as common and just as important to most people. Now these speakers can easily blend into the landscape and become a seamless part of your home entertainment.

  • Outdoor Elements
  • RuckusOG



Profile Speakers

The sleek Profile magnetic grille is now an option on many of our in-ceiling and in-wall models, including such award winning designs as the AIM8 in-ceiling and the AIM LCR in-wall. Nothing changes but the grille.

  • The sound is exactly the same.
  • Profile Speakers
  • Grilles & Grille Backgrounds



RooTs Speakers

Technology today has helped to expand the love of sound no matter your age or lifestyle. The technological advancements in access and media source options continue to grow. What doesn’t seem to be getting the same level of attention is the quality of that sound and content.

  • Roots Subwoofers
  • Roots Satellites



Boomtomb In-Ground Subwoofer

Great musical entertainment should follow you are. Outdoor environments are just as important as those we carefully design and enjoy within the walls of our homes. To compliment our wide variety of dedicated outdoor loudspeakers, we proudly present the Boomtomb in-ground subwoofer. Great musical entertainment should follow you are.

  • Boomtomb
  • Bass Power 250 Amplifier


Seamless Speaker Systems

As audiophiles, we often lose sight of what the general public wants; distributed audio that blends into the environment that is heard and not seen.