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The innovator of beautifully designed iPad Mounts, iPad Chargers, iPad Enclosures, iPad Programmable Buttons and IoT Products.

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Surface Mount

Elegantly integrate iPad onto any surface.


iPad is everywhere, in business and homes. There are thousands of smart devices now that help make your life better like smart door locks, smart lighting and even digital music systems. All these devices come to life on your iPad screen where you can control them as you desire. We believe there should be an easy way to place your iPad on a wall, making it always charged and always available. Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller with Surface Mount: the elegant frame that allows you to integrate iPad onto any surface. Learn more by watching the video below.





Any Surface, Anywhere, Any Way.



Install iPad in a snap.

Installing iPad into the Surface Mount bezel is a ‘snap’, literally. Just place iPad into the bezel and snap in the tabs, that’s it. While installed, you can still control the iPad power button by using the power button extension port on the side of the bezel. You can even utilize iPad’s speaker and microphone while installed in the bezel.


Use any wall box worldwide; install in any orientation.

The Surface Mount system gives you true flexibility when installing iPad on a wall. The mounting bracket can be positioned in any orientation on top of any wall box. This is helpful if trying to align the Surface Mount with other objects above or below on the wall, or if trying to cover a hole from an older device. And our specialized screws are 1 part anchor, 1 part screw, minimizing the amount of work required to affix the mounting bracket onto the wall. We thought hard to make it easy… so you don’t have to.


A tiny device with a lot of possibilities.

Meet the iPort PoE Splitter, a tiny device that can fit into any wall box, worldwide. Connect Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable to the Splitter to receive power from a PoE (803.2af) power source like a PoE Network Switch, or connect low voltage wire to our 2-pin port from any 24V DC power source. Connect your iPad lightning cable to the USB port to provide up to 12W of power to iPad. You can even use the Splitter as a cable manager to wrap up excess iPad cable, making it easier to place the Splitter in a wall box. It’s like origami, for your wires.


Hang iPad on the wall with the power of magnets.

Once you’ve placed iPad in the bezel, and wired your Splitter, the only thing left to do is snap your iPad-in-bezel onto the mounting bracket. This is done with the power of magnets. Simply place the Bezel above the mounting bracket and it snaps right into place. You can even utilize our security locks to make sure your iPad says put in busy places like offices or restaurants.




Meet the world’s most versatile iPad mount.



Precision-Machined Bezel, High Grade Finishes

Surface Mount’s Aluminum bezel is made of high-grade alloy and finished to the highest standards. Choose from 3 finishes: Black, White or Silver. The result is bezel as refined as the iPad itself.



Flexible Power Options via PoE or Low Voltage

Surface Mount’s electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply. And for instances in which power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the Power Injector.



Install on Any Surface, Use Any Wall Box

Surface Mount was designed from the bottom up to be the easiest iPad mount to install, ever. Use any Wall box, whether EU, UK or US, single gang or double gang. Simply hang Surface Mount over the box, in any orientation.




More than just an iPad frame.



Surface Mount’s precision machined aluminum bezel doesn’t just look great: inside is a beautiful arrangement of ports, clips and locks that enable nearly every iPad hardware function. All this capability is engineered in a minimalist, high quality frame and hidden from sight.




The freedom to power iPad in many different ways.



Surface Mount electronics are designed to power iPad in nearly any scenario, whether running power over long distances or even utilizing existing wiring from an older device. The Surface Mount PoE Splitter is the smallest of its kind, fitting into even single gang european wall boxes. The Splitter can receive power from a PoE Switch (IEEE 802.3af), or can be powered from nearly any 24V power supply. The PoE Injector can be used to power iPad from a local wall receptacle or can be plugged into an AV rack up to 600 feet away. Whatever the scenario, the Surface Mount system has the tools to get the job done.






Choose your Surface Mount system.



Surface Mount System iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3


Surface Mount System iPad mini 4


Surface Mount System iPad Air 1 | 2



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Hold. Charge. Protect.


The World’s First and Only Inductive Charger / Magnetic Mount for iPad
LaunchPort is the revolutionary charging and mounting system that forever changes how you can use iPad. The LaunchPort system consists of a Sleeve and any number of Stations. A Sleeve is a protective case that fits onto your iPad. A Station is the mount and charging unit that connects to and holds a Sleeve. There are two types of Stations, one for the table and one for the wall.

LaunchPort powers iPad via inductive charging. As soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to mount an iPad-in-Sleeve to a Station. Because magnets are inside the Sleeve, you can also mount it to any metallic surface.

Use iPad while it charges on a wall, table, or virtually anywhere else without cables and without fuss. Elevate what an iPad can do with LaunchPort.





A Home for iPad



Always Charged

The LaunchPort System provides the most convenient way to charge an iPad without wires and without fuss. Place your iPad onto a Station in any orientation and charging just works, every time.



Home Base

LaunchPort creates a home base for your iPad so you always know where it is. Because your iPad is always at its home base, it’s always charged and ready for use.




SLaunchPort’s elegant form fitting Sleeve also protects iPad. It’s ready for anything, whether in the house or in a commercial space like hotels, restaurants or offices.




The System


Sleeve + Station = System

The LaunchPort system consists of a Station and a Sleeve. The protective Sleeve slides onto iPad. There are two types of Stations: a BaseStation which can be placed on a table or counter and a WallStation which can be installed into nearly any surface. The WallStation is powered in-wall, with low-voltage wires routed back to a power source.






Inductive Charging

Inductive charging works by safely transmitting energy through the air. There are no cables or conductive elements used in the system, allowing for mounting between a Sleeve and the Station to occur easily and seamlessly. LaunchPort’s inductive charging technology charges your iPad at the same exact rate as Apple’s Power Adapter.



Magnetic Mounting

The LaunchPort Sleeve contains an array of magnets which are used to mount to a Station. These magnets provide a precise and secure connection while the Sleeve hangs on a wall via the WallStation. The result is a unique system that makes mounting and charging truly effortless and flexible for a variety of commercial and residential applications.




Choose a Station and Sleeve to create your LaunchPort System.



LaunchPort AP.5 Sleeve – iPad Air 1 | 2


LaunchPort AM.2 Sleeve – iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


LaunchPort AP.4 Sleeve – iPad 4th gen

AP4+Black (1)

LaunchPort AP.3 Sleeve – iPad 3rd gen | iPad 2


The STRUT Custom LaunchPort Sleeve


LaunchPort WallStation


LaunchPort BaseStation


The STRUT Custom Pedestal



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iPad + Buttons: The Best of Both Worlds


iPad has become the favorite device for automation control, and for good reason: iPad Apps provide a feature-rich, customized and intuitive interface for the user. But even an iPad app can sometimes be cumbersome to operate an automation system because of the need to “wake up” the iPad, navigate to the desired control App and find the control.

Hard buttons, on the other hand, provide immediate access to key controls. Hard buttons typically exist on the wall and in most cases are not at your fingertips. Our goal was simple: to create programmable, hard buttons that function independent of iPad. We believe this provides the best of both worlds: immediate access to key controls along with the richness of Apps; any app you want, at any time.

Say hello to LaunchPort with Buttons, the world’s first programmable, independently functioning buttons on an iPad case. With Buttons, LaunchPort becomes a vital necessity in an automation control system.






Immediate Access to the Controls That Matter Most




By utilizing the power of Lutron’s® Industry proven Clear Connect® wireless technology, LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons communicate independently to any Lutron RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS or Caséta™ router, repeater or bridge. Once paired with the Lutron® network device, Sleeve Buttons can control a variety of Lutron® systems. They can even control whole home automation systems like Savant, Crestron, Control 4, RTI and even Do-It-Yourself systems like Roomie and Nest. The power is in your hands.



Buttons + Glass: The Best of Both Worlds

By bringing together Apps and hard buttons, you get the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand: the richness of Apps and the convenience of hard buttons.



Buttons Function Independent of iPad

Sleeve Buttons communicate independent of your iPad, allowing you to use iPad for anything you’d like while still have control of your environment.



Integrate with Many Control Systems

Because of Lutron’s Clear Connect platform, Sleeve Buttons can communicate with a variety of control system and devices including Crestron, Savant, Control 4, RTI, Roomie Remote, and more.




The System


What a LaunchPort with Buttons System Looks Like

The LaunchPort with Buttons system consists of 3 parts: a Station, a Sleeve and Sleeve Buttons. Sleeve Buttons replace the standard top that ships with a Sleeve, adding buttons to the Sleeve. Sleeve Buttons models exist to match LaunchPort Sleeve models and colors.



Station + Sleeve + Sleeve Buttons = LaunchPort with Buttons System

LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons attach onto a Sleeve, replacing the standard sleeve-top.






Provided Icon-Imprinted Buttons


Icon-Imprinted Buttons




Control System Components and Compatibility


Sleeve Buttons communicate via Lutron’s Clear Connect one way 434MHz (or 868MHz if in UK / EU) protocol to a variety of Lutron network bridges and repeaters. The Lutron network bridge converts clear connect button-press commands onto an IP network. Using Lutron drivers, Sleeve Buttons can be monitored by the control processor of the control system of your choice. In most cases, the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro is the only network bridge required to allow Sleeve Buttons to communicate with your control system.




Sleeve Buttons are set up as a “phantom keypad” in the control system, button presses are monitored and programmed to enact macros or commands in the control system. The extent of LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons functionality is dependent on the capabilities of the control system you are using.

Note: Some control systems may not provide functionality outside of lighting and shade control, depending on how the Lutron Driver is written.




Choose your LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons.


AM.2 Sleeve Buttons Black

Works with iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 only


AM.2 Sleeve Buttons White

Works with iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 only

AP5 Sleeve Buttons Black

AP.5 Sleeve Buttons Black

Works with iPad Air 1 | 2

AP5 Sleeve Buttons White

AP.5 Sleeve Buttons White

Works with iPad Air 1 | 2