World Leader In Innovation And Performance.

Cyclo Vac designs, manufactures and markets a wide array of high quality central vacuums, to meet the needs and expectations of our well-informed clientele.


Where high quality central vacuums are concerned, CYCLO VAC is a cut above. Forty-five years of research and development have gone into the design and manufacture of our ground-breaking central vacuums, making CYCLO VAC an industry leader. Owning a CYCLO VAC central vacuum system comes with many advantages including strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, effciency, ease of use, and quietness resulting from its unique design.



What Is A Central Vacuum?

A Cyclo Vac central vacuum system: it is efficient, easy to use, and simple to install. A complete system includes some really practical accessories: automatic dustpan, retractable hose system, design vacuum inlets, everything you need to optimize the performance of your Cyclo Vac.

The central vacuum unit is installed either in the garage or workshop, in the basement, or even in the attic. It is connected to a piping system installed within the walls and doors, allowing for the installation of several vacuum inlets located throughout the home.

More powerful than a portable vacuum, the Cyclo Vac central vacuum cleans efficiently and thoroughly.


Installation Of A Cyclo Vac
Central Vacuum System Easily achieved during construction or renovations, different techniques allow for the installation of a CycloVac central vacuum system in all types of homes or buildings. For the installation of your CycloVac system, you may turn to one of our certified specialists or do it yourself with our complete installation kits. Enjoying the many advantages of a CycloVac central vacuum system is only a few hours away!
Cleaning Surface:
Our central vacuum cleaners are manufactured to clean a specific given surface calculated in squarefeet or meters. This information can help you choose the appropriate equipment for your environment. However, you should not consider this data exclusively.